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Does Wearing Labels Make You a Fashionista?

The answer is no…absolutely not! In the world of Instagram, it seems as if that’s the speed of fashion – the more labels, the more style. Well, we are here to tell you that’s not the case. There are so many affordable garments, shoes, and accessories and you do not have to break the bank to look like a million bucks. 


Some of our favorite celebrities or people with fashion sense find a bargain anywhere they go and still manage to look fab. Some of our favorite stores carry the same exact pieces high fashion designers do and if that’s your price point, own it!!

This post we will show you some pieces that you can save money on and still look fab!

Get the point after this…

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Over the Knee Boots….FOR THE SPRING!!

One of the cool things about fashion in current times is that fashion lovers don’t believe in garments or specific shoes being for certain season, climates, or occasions. WE LOVE IT!! Fashion has become so free-spirited and people aren’t really caring about what you are “supposed” to wear. For example, suede is only to be worn in the winter…Those rules are out of the window! 

This season many designers have been giving us drama in the shoe department, particularly the big wave of over the knee boots that are featured in Spring collections. Let’s take a long of some of our handpicked favorites and a look that you can pair with these..



Tony Bianco, an Aussie shoe designer, has blessed us with these that are shown above… Wanna see more? Get the point after this..

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People are inquiring about Beyonce’s fierce outfit in her new spread in Shape Magazine – mainly her shoes. Well, of course you know we have all the info here. Get the point after this…

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Bang For Your Buck: Soiree’ Heel

Hi Readers!!!

So glad to have you here and this post will save you a couple of bucks…We promise! That’s all the reason to keep reading, right?

Even though the weather is saying the total opposite, we are ready for a little warm weather! Point.Blank.Period. is over the fur, insane coats and boots that we all die for. Yes, we appreciate what the fall and winter fashion has given us this season but its time for a little flow in a maxi dress and a cute pair of sandals to match. So, we’ve found a shoe that we know you will love – and for a low price as well!



Meet the Soiree’ shoe by designer Jeffrey Campbellwe will break down the greatness of this shoes and how you can get this same exact look for less right after the jump…

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Shoegasm: Nicholas Joclyn High Heel Sandal



The Nicholas Joclyn is our pick for today’s Shoegasm!! This high heel has simple but effective silhouette that will go with almost any outfit or dress you have in mind. The tan shown is a perfect hue for the spring as it is one of our season’s color choices.

Nicholas offers this shoe in other colors as well. Let’s take a peek at some of the colors..

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Shoegasm: Jimmy Choo Anouk Pumps

So we love platforms, hidden platforms and wedge..but have you embraced the pointy toe pump again? We have! We want you to embrace it too!!


Jimmy Choo has created a classic pump for the shoe lovers of the world. The Jimmy Choo Anouk is a great silhouette to go with any outfit that you may have in mind. Jeans? Awesome with it. Dress? Of course! That’s a given. When we say anything we mean anything!!

Can we mention a nice toe cleavage with these pair of shoes?? See more hues of this pump after the jump..

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Nike Dunk Sky High

We’ve given you guys time and now we have to address the situation at hand. We know the ladies love the hot sneaker out that includes the wedge. The ladies that love fashion and the ladies who just jump on the bandwagon have been salivating over the Isabel Marant Wedge Sneaker. They are hot, but so are the Nike Dunk Sky High. 

And why don’t have a pair again?


The fact that nobody is really embracing the Nike Dunk Sky High is really surprising – weird actually…

Look at more colorways after the jump that we KNOW you will like…

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A Touch of Fur…

This post we want you to try a little faux in your life. It’ll make you feel like a million bucks and give the flair that you need for Fall. Don’t be scared of all this drama….


Its fun, it comes in all textures and colors – and we are almost certain you can find something you are digging that has a little faux fur. Can we say DIVA?????

We’ve virtually pulled some faux fur pieces for you to try… Get the point after this..

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Shoegasm: Thierry Mugler Fur Platforms



7 inches of heel height including a 3 inch platform, but the silhouette of this shoe makes it all worth the risk of spraining an ankle..

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Email Response: Oxblood

We are so ecstatic to receive emails from our readers who reach out to us wanting a little fashion guidance. We hope to receive more!!!

One of our readers wrote:

 If you wear oxblood riding pants what kind of top would you wear?

There are so many tops to wear with riding pants in the hue of oxblood. From knit tops to sheer blouses, you can pair anything with riding pants. 

We have a  look to get you started with the riding pants and some other looks featuring the color. Get your oxblood fix right after the jump..

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