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Does Wearing Labels Make You a Fashionista?

The answer is no…absolutely not! In the world of Instagram, it seems as if that’s the speed of fashion – the more labels, the more style. Well, we are here to tell you that’s not the case. There are so many affordable garments, shoes, and accessories and you do not have to break the bank to look like a million bucks. 


Some of our favorite celebrities or people with fashion sense find a bargain anywhere they go and still manage to look fab. Some of our favorite stores carry the same exact pieces high fashion designers do and if that’s your price point, own it!!

This post we will show you some pieces that you can save money on and still look fab!

Get the point after this…

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Asa from Shahs of Sunset Initial Hoops

Bravo TV’s series Shahs of Sunset comes on tonight and we’ve been noticing the Persian crew’s sense of fashion. Asa, the Persian Pop Princess, has been rocking some ghetto fabulous earrings and we like…she has a personal style totally different from the rest and we respect that about her.


She really embraces the “ALL GOLD EVERYTHING” and we love her style. Her hoops are kind of the modern day bamboo earrings that “Around the Way” girls wear…

See where you can get your own Initial Hoops from after the jump…

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Email Response: Oxblood

We are so ecstatic to receive emails from our readers who reach out to us wanting a little fashion guidance. We hope to receive more!!!

One of our readers wrote:

 If you wear oxblood riding pants what kind of top would you wear?

There are so many tops to wear with riding pants in the hue of oxblood. From knit tops to sheer blouses, you can pair anything with riding pants. 

We have a  look to get you started with the riding pants and some other looks featuring the color. Get your oxblood fix right after the jump..

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PBP’s Fall Trend List: Snakeskin/Python

The whole month of September is dedicated to the trends we love! Leopard will always be our traditional print. We are naming leopard “the new neutral”. It pretty much goes with anything…but we are urging you to try something new that can be your neutral for the fall. SNAKESKIN!

Snakeskin or Python isn’t the ordinary that you are thinking of.. the drab colors..they are offered in different colors and we LIKE! Get the point after this…

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Heart Pendants NOT for the Faint Heart!!

Point.Blank.Period. always appreciates the unusual and the unexpected. We got exactly what we like in these heart pendants that are effortlessly blunt!

Jewelry company, In God We Trust, teamed up with website Shop Jeen and created some necklaces that are bad ass!!! Excuse our french, but we think you will love these and go straight to the site and purchase them. Actually, we know you will.

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The Highs & Lows: Teyana Taylor

We’ve been getting alot of requests for more “Highs and Lows” posts after many read the post covering L.A. Basketball wife, Malaysia Pargo. Well, your wish has been granted!! Here it is!!

Teyana Taylor is a great example of “Highs and Lows”. Her style is very versatile and she almost wears things that are in grasp of the common and average shopper. What makes the difference is her personal style! You have to respect that!! From her snapbacks and jerseys to her sexy and seductive bras, she works whatever she wears.

Teyana Taylor posted on Instagram her outfit of the night as she worked great low fashion with luxury items. Let’s take a look at her outfit in detail..

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Neiman Marcus x Target Collection

2 of our favorite stores are pairing up  to give us a collection from 24 designers starting December 1. From Diane von Furstenberg to Tory Burch, this collection will provide sporting goods as well as fashion for the holidays. 

Weird pairing??? At first, yes. But after the jump, you will see why it makes sense. You can also see what designers are participating in this fascinating collection! 

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Essence Music Festival Was a Success!

Point.Blank.Period. attended the Essence Music Festival 2012 in New Orleans, Louisiana this weekend and it was a success! We participated in the DayPlay Styling Suite at the W Hotel as an accessory vendor and exposed attendees to the wonderful world of PBP. Attendees loved what we had to offer and we loved that they embraced us with open arms and minds!!!

We provided Arm Candy and other lovely accessories for people to select and we have left overs…Want some?? Read more to see the pics..

We want to give our fab readers first dibs on this AWESOMENESS!! 

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We received an e-mail from one of our readers looking for a snapback that they were in dire need of. Point.Blank.Period. SAVES THE DAY!

E-mail reads:

“I’m looking for the snapback Jay-Z had on spotted while he was in England. Could you tell me the designer and where I can get this hat?”

Read more to find out what hat is spotted in this picture…

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Bone Collectors

Point.Blank.Period. always aims to give you something new and daring to try.. I mean, why else do we exist?? This post is simply about the details in fashion or the things that give that simple outfit a little fire.. 

The big thing in accessories right now is spikes and studs, chains and hardware and we absolutely love! But sometimes, a fashionista just needs to veer off..and try something new..

So we have our radar on bone designed jewelry! It may sound cooky, but its simply AMAZING…

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