Does Wearing Labels Make You a Fashionista?

The answer is no…absolutely not! In the world of Instagram, it seems as if that’s the speed of fashion – the more labels, the more style. Well, we are here to tell you that’s not the case. There are so many affordable garments, shoes, and accessories and you do not have to break the bank to look like a million bucks. 


Some of our favorite celebrities or people with fashion sense find a bargain anywhere they go and still manage to look fab. Some of our favorite stores carry the same exact pieces high fashion designers do and if that’s your price point, own it!!

This post we will show you some pieces that you can save money on and still look fab!

Get the point after this…


When we speak of accessories this is almost an area where you can cut down costs. The lovely and fabulous Panthere ring made by Cartier is a piece to drool over, but look to pay thousands for it.


Aldo offers a similar ring for $12…the only thing is missing is the Cartier receipt and the bill to your credit card showing the steep price. Buy it now before it sells out!


Those label slaves some call fashionistas don’t understand there is fashion in all price points. If its something that you really like, that’s totally understandable. We have our fetishes in the world of fashion. If a “label” doesn’t matter to you take the advice we are giving you in this post. Wanna save a couple of hundred dollars? Keep reading…



Giuseppe Zanotti created a gladiator sandal exactly like this one thats offered on They’ve been selling like hot cakes so if you are lusting over them, you may want to head on over to Shoe Mint and grab you a pair of the Romy sandals. They are also offered in a nude color as well. (So we actually saved you more like $1100 rather than a couple hundred.. 🙂 )


Rihanna, with her denim on denim look, had everyone across the globe raved about. The ripped and distressed denim paired with a nude pump according to the stylistas was pure perfection.


Although, Rihanna is wearing an Acne denim skirt, one of our favorite stores offers this same skirt for an affordable price. Head to Zara to get this skirt. 


We’ve saved you money, aren’t you happy?? 🙂




2 thoughts on “Does Wearing Labels Make You a Fashionista?

  1. Jas says:


  2. KING_ML says:

    I agree, wearing a bunch if high price labels don’t mean a thing! You can find great clothes from target! This was a good read.

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