Over the Knee Boots….FOR THE SPRING!!

One of the cool things about fashion in current times is that fashion lovers don’t believe in garments or specific shoes being for certain season, climates, or occasions. WE LOVE IT!! Fashion has become so free-spirited and people aren’t really caring about what you are “supposed” to wear. For example, suede is only to be worn in the winter…Those rules are out of the window! 

This season many designers have been giving us drama in the shoe department, particularly the big wave of over the knee boots that are featured in Spring collections. Let’s take a long of some of our handpicked favorites and a look that you can pair with these..



Tony Bianco, an Aussie shoe designer, has blessed us with these that are shown above… Wanna see more? Get the point after this..







Tony Bianco’s boots are around $400, which is a steal compared to all the designers that I think of would create a similar shoe. Think about how much Christian Louboutin would charge? Exactly.




We found this picture floating on the Internet and we have to say that it stopped us dead in our tracks. Aleksander Siradekian created this monster of a shoe and personally this could go with your favorite short suit for the spring! How awesome would that be? Check the fringe in the back of the heel…YES!

We surfed the web as best as we could but we weren’t successful on the retail price or where to purchase. But as soon as we have the deets, we will be sure to post them for our readers that may be interested.


Our new favorite shoe designer had us gasping for air when we saw her work of art. The colors, print..just the shoe period is one word: FABULOUS! 



Sophia Webster debuted these babies in London last September for London Fashion Week. Her playful presentation through pictures seemed like a room full of fun. We can only imagine what it was like in person. When we saw this picture, we died and went to shoe heaven!



This picture should give you a better view of what exactly these over the knee boots entail. We are in love!! And that’s all we can say. Hopefully, she will drop these as it was presented as a part of her Spring/Summer 2013 collection. 




Keep it really simple if you plan to rock these Sophia Webster spring boots. The boot is the focal point so keep everything else to a minimum. Find a simple dress and keep the accessories light. The only thing we suggest you play with is your handbag and try a print that has similar color. This look we play print on print. Feel free to try it!





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