Fashion Style Guide: Concert Season

Hi Readers!!!

It seems like winter has finally left us (thank God! We are appreciative of the fashion but it seemed like winter would never go away) and we are rolling into Spring season.

Spring season seems to call for great music and is usually marks the beginning of concert season. Since music and fashion goes hand in hand, let’s check out the Style Guide we have prepared for you for the season’s hottest concerts.


Get the point after this..


The biggest concert this season might be the fun filled versatile weekend of Coachella. All people from walks of life attend the weekend to watch the biggest musicians on stage. Coachella is real laid back, free-spirited, and comfortable. With a vibe like that, it would be difficult for you not to dress for the occasion. The ultimate goal for Coachella is – BE YOU!



Guys this is the perfect time for you to be comfy and stylish at the same time. Pick a printed bottom to spruce up the laid back vibe.



Ladies, don’t be scared to show a little flesh at Coachella. The sun will be beaming so just be prepared to have your skin glistening. We love a high gladiator sandal paired with denim shorts. It’s effortlessly stylish! Don’t forget the super cute messenger bag. Who wants to tote a handbag around Coachella?


Need a little soul for the season? The Girl on Fire, Alicia Keys, has geared up her music tour along with smooth crooner singer, Miguel. This is the perfect concert for guys to get a little suave and girls to get a little sexy. Here’s what we think will be a great ensemble for the music that will grace your ears.



Gentlemen, just because you want to be debonair doesn’t mean you have to stray away from color. We actually encourage it. A dose of suave comes in a rainbow of colors, so try it! For this music event, pick a colored pant and build your ensemble around it. Guys, you can also mix prints which is what you’ve witnessed the girlies doing for the past few seasons. Try a seersucker jacket and this polka dot chambray shirt from J. Crew. Same hues of color with a pop of color in your bottom will get you an A+!



Ladies, serve a little sexiness especially if you are going on a date. A halter dress with a wrap bottom such as this printed dress will make you look sexy, stylish, and sophisticated. The combo we like to call a “triple threat”. Gold is big this season and adds the luxe factor to your ensemble. Don’t forget to adorn your fingers with rings!!


I’m pretty sure this would be a “girls night out” concert – Guys we are not excluding you. We know how the ladies feel about King Bey. Therefore, we have to make sure we give you some type of guide for this special and fun-filled night. Have fun – be flirty and feminine with your attire! 



This is the time to be a bad ass just like the International pop star, Rihanna. The key piece for this energetic concert would be a leather short. Show your individuality and pick a rocker-chic ensemble. Its all about edge!


A leather short is a great pick especially in a color. You can also try a leather short in a longer length. 



So if you purchased tickets to see this guy, it’s only right that you look confident and smooth right along with JT’s smooth tunes. Don’t take your attire too serious, be comfortable in your ensemble and let color be the big shabang for you on this night. Also pick fabrics that aren’t just for an average outing. Step it up a little. 😉




Ladies, don’t be afraid of a little form fitting action for this one. Wear a statement jacket to throw over your bodycon dress and pick a heel that is a statement in itself. Be a statement for Mr. Timberlake! 


We hope that our style guide has prepared you for the hottest concerts that are coming to a city near you! Enjoying great music and fashion has to be the best thing ever!

Love music just as much as you love fashion? Head on over to the new music blog and find some great posts about music. The blogger is family of PBP’s, therefore its only right that we introduce the blog when our post intertwines the two.. Enjoy! 🙂


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