Bang For Your Buck: Chloe Blouse

We like to give you style, but a reasonable priced style. Sometimes its not all about what the price tags say and so many brands are influential in what we see in some of our favorite stores.

The “It” silhouette of the season has to be the loose fitting wrap blouses..they look good with just about any bottom and gives that chic effortless feel to an ensemble.


Chloe’ supplied us with a wrap blouse for the Summer 2013 collection and we think its pretty fab. This blouse is so versatile – easy to pair with a midi skirt or even your favorite cargo pants.


You can save hundreds of dollars with what we have as our “Bang For Your Buck” selection after the jump…

Zara has a dress that is the same exact print, hue and silhouette. Although, its not really flattering on the model – its awesome in person and once you have tried it on. If you live near a Zara, go in and try it. You won’t be disappointed. The dress retails for only $59.90 and its pretty much a steal and a sleeper (doesn’t have much hanger appeal) all in one. Zara also has a pair of shoes that would look awesome with this dress as well.


So would you rather pay around $800 for a blouse or just go to your nearest Zara and purchase this crossover dress? That’s what we kind of figured. See you at Zara! 😉


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