Email Response: Springtime Leather

Hi Readers!!

We love when we get reader mail and even better when they want our honest opinion when it comes to fashion. So one of our readers wrote:


“I have been loving leather for the fall and winter this past season! I can’t stop buying leather pieces because everywhere I look there is a piece I have to add to my closet. Unfortunately, winter is going away soon but I don’t want to say goodbye to my leather pieces. Do you recommend leather for the spring/summer seasons. Please say yes!”


Well, yes.. The reader beat us to the punch because we were going to post spring time leather as one of the trends for the spring! So there you have it!

We would opt for you to go with more of a lightweight leather of course. Many of our favorite pieces are lightweight giving you a little movement.

Get the point after this about some ideal pieces for the spring and summer..


What better color defines warm weather and is pretty much a trending color?? WHITE!

White leather, yes. Sounds weird, we know but we are all about it and you should too! It doesn’t have to be a stark white, it can be an off white or a cream. This leather pant can substitute for a white jean or trouser. See how simple it is to embrace white leather pants? πŸ™‚


Blank NYC has a vegan leather skinny pant for only $88 that you can purchase as your new springtime white bottom. Perfect silhouette and perfect price!! Oh by the way, they named this hue Dairy Queen. How cute!



A nice lightweight tee is a route to go when looking for a leather top for warmer weather. Select garments that are made out of vegan leather – they breathe a little better so that you won’t be drenched with sweat. Choose a color that can vocalizes the season!



Pair it with shorts or cool boyfriend jeans and you are ready to go! Piperlime has great colors that you can choose from.





We usually look to rompers as a great piece for the spring and summer – which it is! And that’s why you must add a leather one to your closet. This may be the most versatile piece to transition you into seasons. Cold weather? Cool. Just pair with a hip pair of stockings and booties with a cute blazer! Nice summer nights? Easy. Wear a bright colored pair of sandals and a contrasting bag and be on your way!


So I hope we convinced the reader that was gracious enough to write in and the ones who are viewing this post that leather in the springtime is okay. We are definitely a fan of leather in warm days! πŸ™‚




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