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Bang For Your Buck: Chloe Blouse

We like to give you style, but a reasonable priced style. Sometimes its not all about what the price tags say and so many brands are influential in what we see in some of our favorite stores.

The “It” silhouette of the season has to be the loose fitting wrap blouses..they look good with just about any bottom and gives that chic effortless feel to an ensemble.


Chloe’ supplied us with a wrap blouse for the Summer 2013 collection and we think its pretty fab. This blouse is so versatile – easy to pair with a midi skirt or even your favorite cargo pants.


You can save hundreds of dollars with what we have as our “Bang For Your Buck” selection after the jump…

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People are inquiring about Beyonce’s fierce outfit in her new spread in Shape Magazine – mainly her shoes. Well, of course you know we have all the info here. Get the point after this…

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Email Response: Springtime Leather

Hi Readers!!

We love when we get reader mail and even better when they want our honest opinion when it comes to fashion. So one of our readers wrote:


“I have been loving leather for the fall and winter this past season! I can’t stop buying leather pieces because everywhere I look there is a piece I have to add to my closet. Unfortunately, winter is going away soon but I don’t want to say goodbye to my leather pieces. Do you recommend leather for the spring/summer seasons. Please say yes!”


Well, yes.. The reader beat us to the punch because we were going to post spring time leather as one of the trends for the spring! So there you have it!

We would opt for you to go with more of a lightweight leather of course. Many of our favorite pieces are lightweight giving you a little movement.

Get the point after this about some ideal pieces for the spring and summer..

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Bang For Your Buck: Soiree’ Heel

Hi Readers!!!

So glad to have you here and this post will save you a couple of bucks…We promise! That’s all the reason to keep reading, right?

Even though the weather is saying the total opposite, we are ready for a little warm weather! Point.Blank.Period. is over the fur, insane coats and boots that we all die for. Yes, we appreciate what the fall and winter fashion has given us this season but its time for a little flow in a maxi dress and a cute pair of sandals to match. So, we’ve found a shoe that we know you will love – and for a low price as well!



Meet the Soiree’ shoe by designer Jeffrey Campbellwe will break down the greatness of this shoes and how you can get this same exact look for less right after the jump…

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