PBP’s Fall Trend List: Leather Dresses


When you hear leather dress, you automatically picture a dominatrix woman with whips and chains, but it may be the piece you need most in your closet for this season. Its feminine and edgy and looks great on all body shapes. Its a blank canvas for great accessories, handbags, and shoes. What more can you ask for?

They come in bold colors, all types of lengths, and silhouettes. Get the point after this…

Miley Cyrus looked great in this leather strappy dress and paired with a hot pair of caged booties…fitting, right? She chose to go with minimal accessories – the total opposite of Adrienne Bailon before the jump. Both is perfect. Depending on the style of the dress, accessories may not be needed and a hot shoe like Miley is the perfect move. 

You can go longer in length like this Versace dress and grab your aggressive ankle strap shoes, which is on our trend list. Your leather frock doesn’t have to be a mini to be sexy. Example given here.

Form fitting dresses is not your only option. Find a dress that has maybe a pleated bottom or  a skater dress. It still shows a great figure and most of all, conquering the ultimate goal of wearing a leather dress! Jennifer Hudson is pictured here wearing nude, which is a great color on her skin tone and for the shape of the dress.

Just because its leather doesn’t mean your limited color. Leather & color go hand in hand. Its no different from the cotton dress you wear that you like better in a color rather than black. Jennifer Lopez shows you how its done!

Marigold, red, or even a hunter green would look great in a leather dress. Nude or metallic shoes would be best, leave the color blocking to your other dresses. A black pair (a gorgeous pair, might we add) would do just fine as well. 


This poppy faux leather dress by BCBG is well, popping!!! We love the color, the silhouette, AND the price!  

The fact that its tulle paneling in the back makes it all worth the price – its not your average leather dress. At $288.00 you can have it. 

Its worth it…


One thought on “PBP’s Fall Trend List: Leather Dresses

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