New York Fashion Week Spring 2013: Front Row

This is a post we are really excited about. If you didn’t know, we support each and every designer that gives us great fashion. But its something about the newcomers in the design world.

She’s not new to the fashion world, but Shateria Moragne-el, celebrity stylist, gave a great runway show and offered a great collection. We loved each and every look. She’s a force to be reckoned with and we hope that she keeps giving us this tomboy chic fashion. We really really love it!

Check out some of the looks from the show…

Tamar Braxton worked the leather gown and her toned down looked worked for her…she was definitely the! Other looks…

Distressed leather…how innovative, daring, and BAD ASS!!

We need Shateria to send us these leather sweatpants A-SAP!


Love love love!! All black everything will NEVER go out of style and this casual leather top is EVERYTHING! Ladies if you don’t want to go all leather, pair it with a nice bar of wide leg pants. Yes, tailored and all..we vote for winter white. 

Favorite piece? We have to go with the leather board short. Ironically, when the designer came out we loved her look the best. Check out these board shorts..


Refreshing to see something different on the runway and we wish her the best of luck.We will keep you readers posted on her because she is murdering the fashion business in our eyes! 




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