PBP’s Fall Trend List: Aggressive Ankle Straps

This month, we will be giving you trend after trend. Although we’ve touched on ankle straps previously, this time around its a little bit more noticeable and aggressive – the ankle straps, that is.

For the fall, the trends seem to be a little bit more edgy and hard.. so its only right that your shoes speak the same volume. Ankle straps make the legs look longer and toned so its in your favor to grab a pair.

We’ve pulled some of the hottest shoes for the season to give you a glance at what we are speaking of. Get the point after this..


Steve Madden has a great pair to start you off on your aggressive ankle strap shoe. When we use the term “aggressive” it simply means the ankle strap is noticeable  – not too thin..the strap being part of the shoe and just not something to secure the shoe on your foot. These wedges are all purpose! They are priced at $99.00.


Don’t shy away from color either…the bolder, the better. You can also look for a shoe that has a little adornment such as these gold studs on the strap.

This shoe happens to be a celeb fave and I’m pretty sure you’ve seen these on many red carpets and candid photos. Love the shoe? That’s fine. You can also go for the darker hue of this Givenchy Sandal.

The turn lock detail gives you a great unique strap. No plain Janes! And yes, a sandal is acceptable for the fall! Just pair it with your favorite moto style jacket or sweatpants.



Too cold where you are for the sandal? Zara has the perfect bootie that gives aggression. Nobody will expect a bootie with a strap! 


Take your aggressive shoe and work the crowd where you are, AGGRESSIVELY!




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