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PBP’s Fall Trend List: Asymmetric Pumps



It’s the new all-purpose pump!!! Its super sexy and goes with any and everything!!! We love it, can’t get enough of it! And the great part about this shoes is, its timeless! A STAPLE IN YOUR CLOSET!!!

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Top Emmy 2012 Gowns!!

Point.Blank.Period. loves when awards shows come around because we can look forward to glitz and glamour, the things all fashionistas love!

Great gowns graced the stage and red carpet and surprisingly bright colors adorned this show. Usually, we get the safe blacks, nudes and pale tones. The majority of the dresses was a pop of color…FALL TREND!!! Colors aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Check out the dresses that we loved after the jump…

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PBP’s Fall Trend List: The Clutch Handbag

Accessories can spruce up an outfit…its almost like magic! TA-DAHHHH you have a stunning and complete outfit! A handbag can do just that. 

We love an oversized tote or satchel bag, but this fall we think the clutch will work wonders for ensembles for the season. It’ll give that touch of glam every woman needs. 

Let’s take a look at some style of clutches you can choose from…

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PBP’s Fall Trend List: Snakeskin/Python

The whole month of September is dedicated to the trends we love! Leopard will always be our traditional print. We are naming leopard “the new neutral”. It pretty much goes with anything…but we are urging you to try something new that can be your neutral for the fall. SNAKESKIN!

Snakeskin or Python isn’t the ordinary that you are thinking of.. the drab colors..they are offered in different colors and we LIKE! Get the point after this…

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New York Fashion Week Spring 2013: Front Row

This is a post we are really excited about. If you didn’t know, we support each and every designer that gives us great fashion. But its something about the newcomers in the design world.

She’s not new to the fashion world, but Shateria Moragne-el, celebrity stylist, gave a great runway show and offered a great collection. We loved each and every look. She’s a force to be reckoned with and we hope that she keeps giving us this tomboy chic fashion. We really really love it!

Check out some of the looks from the show…

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PBP’s Fall Trend List: Leather Dresses


When you hear leather dress, you automatically picture a dominatrix woman with whips and chains, but it may be the piece you need most in your closet for this season. Its feminine and edgy and looks great on all body shapes. Its a blank canvas for great accessories, handbags, and shoes. What more can you ask for?

They come in bold colors, all types of lengths, and silhouettes. Get the point after this…

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New York Fashion Week Spring 2013: Rachel Zoe

New York Fashion Week for Spring 2013 is officially closed but the fashion and the shows don’t stop here at Point.Blank.Period. We will be carrying on for a couple of more days so don’t fret. Consider us the after party!

Rachel Zoe and her A-MAZE collection… *sigh*

So effortless and so her, which we really admire. Some designers create garments that are great but does not necessarily reflect them, their style and what they are true to. We believe this is why Rachel Zoe is such a success. 

Boho chic and effortless glam is what we got reviewing the show and every look was IT!

Take a look at some of our favorites..

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PBP’s Fall Trend List: Aggressive Ankle Straps

This month, we will be giving you trend after trend. Although we’ve touched on ankle straps previously, this time around its a little bit more noticeable and aggressive – the ankle straps, that is.

For the fall, the trends seem to be a little bit more edgy and hard.. so its only right that your shoes speak the same volume. Ankle straps make the legs look longer and toned so its in your favor to grab a pair.

We’ve pulled some of the hottest shoes for the season to give you a glance at what we are speaking of. Get the point after this..

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PBP’s Fall Trend List: Oxblood

First things first, Point.Blank.Period. is in love with the name of the color – oh, and the hue. It’s only right that it falls on our Fall Trend List. Some call it Bordeaux or just plain ol’ Burgundy. Here, its referenced as Oxblood.

The plus of this color is that no matter the garment, it will look super rich and of quality. Its a color that just has that effect. This color is everywhere and you shouldn’t have a problem finding it in leather. Whether its in leather or cotton, get you a piece of Oxblood.

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New York Fashion Week Spring 2013: Marc Jacobs

The showstopper Marc Jacobs put on a show for his Spring collection. And as we type this post for you, we are still drooling over the creations he mustered up for us.

This post won’t have much words, because it has left us speechless – or typeless. You get the drift! Simple patterns were done with perfection and most of the collection seemed to be PBP’s favorite combo – black and white. We are pretty sure we will see Kris Jenner, the matriarch of the Kardashians, in some of these pieces. Let’s take a look…

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