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MCM Handbags

MCM has been on the radar for a minute especially with the guys. Guys have been loving their backpacks but in all honesty those have been the only MCM products spotted. 

Females!!! They have handbags for you that are hot!!!! Take a look at the two we think can get you started.

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Thatcher Collection

A brand that is one of our faves thus far, Thatcher Collection, is something that should be on your “Things to Purchase” list. The fit of their clothing, the silhouettes, and we can’t forget the fun prints and colors, are all things that should be in your closet. We now introduce you to – Thatcher Collection.


From dresses to leggings, Thatcher Collection is a brand that many people haven’t caught onto yet. That’s the best part about it. At PBP, we like to expose you to new things not so much the obvious. You can find that anywhere. Try something new with Thatcher! 

Get the point after this..

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SHOEGASM: Balmain Fringe Sneakers

Sorry fellas…back off! These kicks are strictly for the women. On Point.Blank.Period. we offer the best of both worlds. Shoegasms don’t have to come from a 5″ heel..sneakers give them too!!



Order your leather fringe sneakers from for $398. Flyness & Fringe!



PBP wants to introduce you to Dutch designer Olcay Gulsen who has been popping up on the hottest fashionistas’ feet and we are giving you the heads up on the hotness these shoes bring.

Starting at 6 inches, these platform shoes are not for the faint heart. These shoes need a confident woman and a stunning wardrobe to pair with it…Are you ready for them?? We hope so! 

Check out some more styles and hues after thisSee also who is feeling these shoes just as much as we are! 😉

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