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She’s back on PBP and we just can’t get enough of her. Cassie seems to be giving the public what we need in the fashion department and we are not mad about it one bit.

Stunning in her all-white mini dress, she hosted her “Kings of Hearts” Party at Lavo Nightclub in Las Vegas. So effortless, her look was just perfection. 

Need this dress? Get the point after this…

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MUST HAVE FOR MEN: Balenciaga Arena High Trainers

Many people who are intelligent in the world of fashion always tend to have a “Must Have” list for a closet to be complete. For example, a women with a sense of style should have a little black dress or a trench coat. Well, gentleman you guys of sort of a “Must Have” list as well..

Write these pair of sneakers down on your list. Get the point after the jump…

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Love Leopard? Try a new print..Tiger!

Point.Blank.Period. endorses EVERYTHING LEOPARD! Its the new neutral according to us and not one fashionista should be without. Its a print that looks great with every color and looks great on everyone in the right silhouette, but there’s a new print in town.. TIGER!

You saw Teyana Taylor work a little tiger in her ensemble featured in our last post, check the things out that we think are hot!

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Charlie by Matthew Zink Swimwear

Whether you are laying poolside or getting a great tan surround by sand and water, you definitely need a great swimsuit for the summer.

Charlie by Matthew Zink is a hidden gem – well not anymore. The swimwear line has been all over Rihanna’s body as she catches up on her rays during her vacay. Great prints and cover-ups – he’s nailed it!

Let’s take a look at his ingenious way of making swim attire…PBP would loves each and every piece!!

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The Highs & Lows: Teyana Taylor

We’ve been getting alot of requests for more “Highs and Lows” posts after many read the post covering L.A. Basketball wife, Malaysia Pargo. Well, your wish has been granted!! Here it is!!

Teyana Taylor is a great example of “Highs and Lows”. Her style is very versatile and she almost wears things that are in grasp of the common and average shopper. What makes the difference is her personal style! You have to respect that!! From her snapbacks and jerseys to her sexy and seductive bras, she works whatever she wears.

Teyana Taylor posted on Instagram her outfit of the night as she worked great low fashion with luxury items. Let’s take a look at her outfit in detail..

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Dream Team Destroyer Jacket

Summer Olympics is here and Nike has provided the men with a destroyer jacket just for this monumental occasion. The Olympics is a global event and Nike shows great support through its fashion and this jacket. This destroyer jacket symbolizes the 20th anniversary of the Dream Team that made history in 1992. 

Get the point after this…

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The sun is out, a warm breeze, and skin glistens this summer! Wherever you are I’m pretty sure summertime has been wonderful – because fashion this summer seems to be more and more appropriate for the weather. Time for summertime fun and effortless fashion.

One of the season’s trends happens to be muscle tees. Kind of boyish, but who cares? Any woman can wear this and look super sexy. Whether its for daytime wear or to kick it up with hot fashion for night time festivities. The gentleman have been wearing it for years, so now ladies its your turn. 

Get the point after this…

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Season’s Trend: Muscle Tees

Be & D Big City Sneaker

Be & D is a brand that flies under the radar and we have no absolute reason why. They might have the most innovative sneaker of the year…it gives women both options in footwear.

Can’t decide whether you should wear a heel or a sneaker with your outfit? Be & D is the answer!

We won’t do much talking! We will let the shoe do it for us..

Take a look at more colorways and styles…

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Neiman Marcus x Target Collection

2 of our favorite stores are pairing up  to give us a collection from 24 designers starting December 1. From Diane von Furstenberg to Tory Burch, this collection will provide sporting goods as well as fashion for the holidays. 

Weird pairing??? At first, yes. But after the jump, you will see why it makes sense. You can also see what designers are participating in this fascinating collection! 

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Essence Music Festival Was a Success!

Point.Blank.Period. attended the Essence Music Festival 2012 in New Orleans, Louisiana this weekend and it was a success! We participated in the DayPlay Styling Suite at the W Hotel as an accessory vendor and exposed attendees to the wonderful world of PBP. Attendees loved what we had to offer and we loved that they embraced us with open arms and minds!!!

We provided Arm Candy and other lovely accessories for people to select and we have left overs…Want some?? Read more to see the pics..

We want to give our fab readers first dibs on this AWESOMENESS!! 

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