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Meet Monica Rose…



Her name is Monica Rose..why we love and adore her? She’s the fashion genius behind the power family, the Kardashians. Those looks fan salivate over for the Kardashian sisters – she creates. Let us not forget that super chic mom and queen of them all, Kris! She keeps Kris in the hottest ensembles as well. She has the Kardashian Klan HAUTE!

Round of applause for super stylist Monica Rose!! Let’s look at some of her styling and monumental looks!

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HAPPY SUNDAY!!! Whether its your relaxing day or its a fun day for you, Point.Blank.Period. wishes you a joyous and wonderful Sunday!!! We thought that this post will give you something to shout about and thank your higher being that they were created.. Nothing special in this post – well except for the shoes featured…

Jeffrey Campbell Nokea 

You’ll thank us when you read more…

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Are you ever too old to wear “kicks”???

We thought this would be a great question to get some feedback from our readers because this has been something we’ve pondered over and over about..


PBP is a fan of versatility and someone who loves fashion should also love it as well. Women have embraced wearing sneakers, while some men has added this to their list of turn-ons. Stilettos are sexy and great but a woman who can rock a sneaker with confidence – she can rock anything!

In the era of “sneakerheads”, this is a topic often talked there an age limit to wear sneakers or “kicks”?

This is also appropriate to discuss since this Saturday is a Jordan release. Obisidian 12’s ooze greatness ;-). Don’t you love the feeling of Jordans on a Saturday?





We received an e-mail from one of our readers looking for a snapback that they were in dire need of. Point.Blank.Period. SAVES THE DAY!

E-mail reads:

“I’m looking for the snapback Jay-Z had on spotted while he was in England. Could you tell me the designer and where I can get this hat?”

Read more to find out what hat is spotted in this picture…

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Bone Collectors

Point.Blank.Period. always aims to give you something new and daring to try.. I mean, why else do we exist?? This post is simply about the details in fashion or the things that give that simple outfit a little fire.. 

The big thing in accessories right now is spikes and studs, chains and hardware and we absolutely love! But sometimes, a fashionista just needs to veer off..and try something new..

So we have our radar on bone designed jewelry! It may sound cooky, but its simply AMAZING…

Get the point after this..

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Maison Martin Margiela for H&M

We are pleased to inform our readers that H&M has confirmed that their stores will be graced with Maison Martin Margiela as the next designer collection!!! We are excited, stoked, happy, all of the above!!

Confirmed a couple of days ago, Margiela will be providing us lovers with a collection for the fall. H&M Creative Adviser, Margareta van den Bosch, said “Maison Martin Margiela is one of the most important and influential fashion houses of the past three decades. I am so excited by this collaboration which will give fashion lovers around the world the chance to wear special pieces by Maison Martin Margiela. This collaboration will be a great and memorable fashion moment.” (Read more on

If they believe its a fashion moment, we believe it! But then again, has H&M ever failed us when it comes to collaborations. You have to admit every collaboration has…Versace, Marni??? So, let’s just coin this one as such!

Collection will hit stores November 15th..

Rag & Bone Metallic Leggings

The forecast for fashion says that metallics are in and will be a big staple for fall and honestly, we think metallics are here to stay for ALL seasons! Why not have a little shine in your wardrobe? From jewelry to footwear, there is no way you can turn your cheek to such rich tones such as metallics. 

We were on the hunt for a garment piece that would give you a jump start on this glitzy ride and we thought why not go all the way with pants? Rag & Bone has the perfect item for you!!

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Louis Vuitton “Core Values” Campaign with Muhammad Ali

The hottest ad in years hands down goes to Louis Vuitton!!!! The new ad released by French company, features none other than the G.O.A.T. Muhammad Ali and his grandson, Curtis Muhammad Conway, Jr. This ad is for the “Core Values” campaign which Angelina Jolie has been pictured in before. The little guy stands next to his champ grandfather as he poses with boxing gloves on his hands. Looks just like Cassius Clay, right?? Great choice for Ali to be a Louis Vuitton spokesperson for this campaign.

Is there an underlying message in this ad…are they saying the brand is the Greatest of All Time??? 


“Sunnies” Season

Its “Sunnies” season! I hope all of you guys are stocking up your sunglasses for this spring/summer. YOU NEED OPTIONS!!!! PBP has picked some cool sunglasses that we think would be great to add to your repertoire. You can go vintage, colorful, or just BOSSY!!!

This season we want you to go for the gusto..leave the boring plain black, tortoise, or brown frames where they are and throw a little pattern, color, and texture in your sunglasses. Isn’t that what the spring and summer is about? It applies here too. 

Get the point after this…

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Shoegasm: Isabel Marant Rio Sandals

Isabel Marant blessed us with a hot sandal from the SS12 Collection and PBP approves this shoe without a doubt. A couple of posts back we informed you that the more strappy your shoe the better…so this shoe is self-explanatory!

The different textures is what makes it hot and the nude shoe also comes in black, but the nude does the shoe design justice and lets the straps pop and be seen. A sexy shoe is what you need this summer ladies..please help yourself to this strappy sandal.

The chains and links in different hues of metal is the climax of this shoe.

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