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Mode Fashion Week 2012 Day 2: “Don’t You Just Want to Dye?” Workshop & Hello RockONE1 Cocktail Party

Mode Fashion Week is 2 days in, and the turn out has been awesome. So many supporters and fashionistas from all walks of life have been attending the events. Things are going great for Mode Fashion Week!!

We covered the “Don’t You Just Want to Dye?” workshop instructed by the man of the week himself, Anthony Ryan Auld. It was fun, visual, and informational on how to create ways to manipulate your garments through color.

Read more for the techniques as well as snippets from the Hello RockONE1 Movement Cocktail Party..

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MODE FASHION WEEK 2012 Day 1: “All Things Pretty” Workshop & Launch Party with PBP Styling Presentation

Day 1 of Mode Fashion Week 2012 was a success!!!! Like we’ve promised you, here you can get the scoop of everything happening throughout the week as we blog about all the excitement and action!

Today’s workshops were at Chatta Box and Time Warp, which are some of the great sponsoring boutiques for this week’s events. Time Warp covered eco-friendly fashion, while Chatta Box was the place to be when it came to learning about fashion merchandising. We’ve got it covered here!

You can’t forget about the Launch Party that is still rocking as I blog!!!

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MODE FASHION WEEK 2012: Launch Party featuring Styling Presentation by Point.Blank.Period.

Join us tonight at Splash Nightclub in Baton Rouge, Louisiana as we launch Mode Fashion Week 2012 and kick it off with a bang!

Come have fun and enjoy the styling presentation we will be giving featuring great looks from premier boutiques: Apricot Lane, Aristocracy, Chatta Box, and Time Warp. You won’t want to miss this fashionable fun event!!

See you tonight!

Project Runway’s Anthony Ryan Auld Presents..MODE FASHION WEEK 2012

Project Runway‘s Anthony Ryan Auld has created a monster of a fashion week in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and we are the OFFICIAL BLOG. *round of applause*. We are going to cover the whole week so if you aren’t able to attend, you can get deets right here on Point.Blank.Period.!

The reason behind this fashion week is superb and that’s why Point.Blank.Period is a PROUD SUPPORTER of the week. In collaboration with Scene Magazine, Anthony Ryan Auld has managed to invite Project Runway designers from his season to show their collection on Saturday, June 2, 2012 and plan a list of workshops and events for the fashionistas. 

With this monumental fashion monopoly, Anthony Ryan Auld will officially launch his foundation to fight cancer, The ROCKONE1 Movement, with recent debut of its first two beneficiaries.  The ROCKONE1 Movement is a nonprofit organization to benefit cancer victims of all types – those diagnosed with the disease as well as those indirectly affected – with self-empowerment through fashion and a power mindset.

Here is the weekly schedule for the events happening:

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Nas & Fashion

Iconic artist, Nas, is prepping for his brand new album, Life is Good, and honestly his fashion game is reflecting the album title. He has been on our radars for his sense of fashion and is looking better than ever, similar to his sound on the newest single, “The Don”. He is back… Point.Blank.Period.

Simple but fashion-forward Nas is featured in the June/July 2012 issue of Complex. Styled by June Ambrose, his fashion never overshadows his spirit and strength that he shows through his music. Point.Blank.Period. is loving….

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Season’s Trend: Strappy Shoes

This season is filled with fun silhouettes and bright colors and from what we’ve observed, it may be a season that has the best personality in the last couple of years.

One of this season’s trend is strappy shoes which makes a leg scream sexy!!! You can find this at every price point in every brand or designer. Whether its criss-cross or straight across the ankle – it doesn’t matter! STRAP UP!

Miss Karreuche is pictured here in one of our favorite shoes the Letitia sandal by Jimmy Choo (courtesy of, pairing the bright colored shoe with an awesome cut-out dress.

See how you can be strappy all over your feet..

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Comme Des Fu*kdown.. Yes, you have read it right!

We’ve covered Comme Des Garcons, a brand that’s a favorite of Point.Blank.Period. and doing our natural lurking for fashion, we came across something that was hysterical and a great play on the brand. We need a little humor in fashion from time to time and it definitely gave it to us when we saw this:

You are reading it correctly! We love the shirt designed by SSUR,  Inc…this is only for the bravehearts though.

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Cap-Toe Shoes

Here at Point.Blank.Period, we are a fan of detail. Detail makes a huge difference. It can make a product be the hottest or the lack thereof can receive a thumbs down. But this detail gets a round of applause.

The cap-toe pump gives two-tone drama which we are loving this season and gives an upgrade to the regualar pump or shoe you are used to purchasing. Whether you decide to go tonal, metallic, or classic – it works!

Catch the point after this…

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PBP’s Arm Candy Pick: Day 5

So our final pick is something that we at Point.Blank.Period. DESIRES!!! A piece that is unisex and is EVERYTHING without being sooo – flashy! The details of it and the story behind is why it has received our #1 Pick..



This piece was designed in 1969 and is a true definition of longevity design. The functionality of it makes it unique and the cleverness of it, makes it even better. Popularity of it grew due to its resemblance of a chastity belt and also comes with a complimentary screwdriver to unlock the “screws”. This function allows you to slip the bracelet off of your wrist – SUPER NEAT! The screwdriver also comes in a necklace form as well –  a cute thing to give to someone, letting them know they have the “key” to your heart. 

The price tag is hefty but its worth every penny…

PBP’s Arm Candy Picks: Day 4

So the last two picks of our 5 day draft are timeless brands and designs that will be forever in fashion. Forever in fashion is kind of an oxymoron but this “Arm Candy” is the prime example of it…Point.Blank.Period.



We don’t know how else to explain it to gets no better than the double C’s in black and white. This cuff is a piece you build an outfit around. This is the outfit – everything else is the accessory. 

Point.Blank.Period. happens to be a fan of the black and white, but a little metallic works well too. It goes a long way and with these pieces you can wear them if you are 21 and you can wear them when your 51. It DOES NOT matter with these pieces! What more do you need us to say??? All hail to Chanel!