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“Arm Candy” Pop Up Shop

Hey Readers!!! Point.Blank.Period is having our first event and we are inviting you!!!!

Our “Arm Candy” Pop-Up Shop will be on May 12th, 2012 from 4-7 PM at Perkins Rowe in Ryan Auld’s (From Project Runway) Design Studio in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Bring your sweet tooth for your “Arm Candy”!!! We’ll have sweet bracelets from you to choose from! From rhinestone bangles to spiked cuffs, you won’t leave empty handed. Come join us in the fun of fashion!!!

We’ll be keeping you posted right here. We’ve been tweeting about and promoting it and we are super excited! Please mark your calendars for this event you won’t want to miss it! Once its gone, its gone!!! That’s what a Pop-Up Shop is all about! 🙂


One Hue – For You

Color blocking is at an all-time high this year and it’s most likely not going anywhere for a minute. It gives variety to solid color and most fashionistas believe that it gives it the right kind of “POP” that you need. But in all honesty, going with one hue gives you a “BANG” like no other!

MEN & WOMEN..this is for you!!!

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KimYe’s Fashion..So Far..

So, the new HOT couple or should we say – the speculated couple is Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (aka “KimYe”) and Point.Blank.Period is excited about it! When it comes to the fashion, there is NO OTHER couple like them. Each embody an individual style that is filled with confidence and conviction – two important factors when it comes to wardrobe. They are both great examples of what it means to be fashionable AND influential. 

Let’s take a look at the two in a fashion point of view…

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American Flag Fashion


You would think it was Independence Day the way the American flags have been flooding fashion!! The
All-American look has graced every type of garment you can think of. Alot of designers have embraced it and us fashionistas have gravitated to it. Accessible everywhere, its a fun look that can be dressed up or can be  casual. However you want to wear it, do so..

Read more on how you can enter this trend in your wardrobe..

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SHOEGASM: Maison Martin Margiela

Maison Martin Margiela, a designer that creates solid pieces for men and women, has an ankle boot I’m pretty sure all my fashionistas will love and appreciate. It’s not your normal ankle boot, it’s a refreshing design and a head turner for sure..let’s call this a conversational boot because people WILL ask you about them. Mark my words..

Kim and Khloe posted this pic on Instagram and immediately gave a second nod for this hot shoe. Look after the jump for close up pics and different colors…

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Missoni x Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Spring/Summer 2012

THEY’VE ARRIVED!!!! The fifth overall collection graced stores this past weekend and the chosen hues are AMAZING!! Only select retailers were chosen for this collection and if you are lucky to be near a location, scoop these babies up!! Retailing at $200, this is a pair of Converse’s everyone won’t have for sure!!!

3 colorways from you to choose from, a unisex blue and 2 colorways for the women ( green and cream). Take a look..

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Looking for these????? Well we’ve got them right here for you!!! No more searching high and low. You can get a pair of shorts just like Rih Rih or rock a super spiked jacket like Jessie J…

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So this isn’t your typical “Animal Print” fashion post…the leopard, the zebra, blah blah blah. We aren’t talking about the stripes or the giraffe patterns you see everywhere..although we love an exotic print. This is simply a post about a whole animal silhouette! 

Its quirky, its fun, its stylish and definitely a standout piece you can pair with your favorite jean or favorite pair of shorts. It may be a little too much of a young print for the older fashionista, but with the mature silhouettes you are can choose such as the kimono or a maxi dress, you won’t mind! 

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Christian Louboutin’s Rollerball Loafers have definitely left great fashion moments in our brain since they’ve been released. It seems as after Louboutin graced us with these men’s style loafer, we’ve seen an overload of them! Point.Blank.Period. is still loving the studded – rollerball spike look! 

So you don’t want to pay $995 for these? Well, we have the perfect loafer for you, for the perfect price! 

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Closet Confessions: Cassie

Cassie confesses what’s in her closet and how she stays on top of her apparel of clothes and footwear and also how she selects certain clothing. This video from is pretty neat and thought it would be a great share for you readers. There are so many pieces that are to die for!

Scott Lipps gives us the inside scoop on how she selects looks for certain events and her favorite brands. See the video of our first PBP Muse’s closet!

Want to see more closets of our favorite celebs? Don’t worry, they’ll be more postings coming up that gives you a peek of what you want! 😉