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The Highs & Lows: Malaysia Pargo

The Highs & Lows will be a topic featured pretty frequently on Point.Blank.Period. It’s a topic that focuses on mixing high end fashion with reasonable or low purchases and done with top-notch execution. A concept of fashion that Point.Blank.Period swears by!

Malaysia Pargo, from Basketball Wives L.A., is probably one of the most fashionable personalities on the basketball wives shows ( Miami & Los Angeles). She is post-worthy and especially with her ensemble last night at a basketball game sitting court side with some her friends, Malaysia worked it!

Read more for details on her outfit…

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Vlieger & Vandam


Vlieger & Vandam, the Amsterdam duo, offers small goods for men and women that is worth the buzz. The label was founded in 2004, and they have something special when it comes to their bags. The Guardian Angel bags, composed of a knife, handcuff, and gun silhouette have been featured in magazine spreads and let’s not forget, museums. A bag with a story line and awareness is something that’s hard to come by, but with this collection they are on to something. The “violent” design aims to raise awareness to the increase in violence in our communities and in the media.

In 2010, Rihanna was seen carrying the unisex gun tote from the collection.

Let’s look at more of the bags this duo has to offer..

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Harness Belts

Belts are one of those accessories that is a staple in pretty much everyone’s closet. Some use it just to hold their pants up, while others really like to accessorize. From browns to blacks – the simple way…or reds and blues for the fashion forward feel, belts is an item that is used for so many looks.

The harness belt is a belt that is intensified to the 10th power. It gives your outfit a ton of EDGE. You should feel like a rock star wearing this!

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I think about just every woman loves a nice fitted dress, especially a bodycon that somehow oozes sexiness when you slip it on. Bodycon dresses are always a great option and most of all, all-purpose. This time around when you want to buy a bodycon dress, look for a print. It kicks up your outfit a notch and makes a statement more than a solid one will. With prints, you are bound to stand out from a sea of women wearing those fitting dresses. It speaks volumes of fun and personality!!!

Lala looks STUNNING in her printed Givenchy dress. The colors compliment her skin and the print makes a bold statement. TRUE FASHIONISTA!! Read more to see options of selecting a printed bodycon dress…

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So this post is in response to the earlier post of the Marc Jacobs beaded sneakers that was posted a couple of days ago. I’ve received alot of emails asking if there was a shoe for women just like this. Well in fact there is – just a different colorway and they are just as hot as the shoes for males..

Here you are ladies!!! 

These are the colorway for women and it reads spring!!! I’m totally in love with them and it would be a great sneaker to go with about anything. This milk colorway can be purchased at Forward by Elyse Walker for $885. 

I hope you ladies are happy!! 🙂

Honey B. Gold Cream Collection

Point.Blank.Period. lives for all things accessories and this brand is truly HAUTE!!! To find great indie designers such as Honey B. Gold only makes your accessories a little bit more exclusive and unique! To support the creative minds behind this company is a must.

Honey B. Gold has been on the PBP radar for a while now and honestly I think its one of the most innovative accessories that has graced us with their presence. Natalia, the mind behind the jewelry company gives you all the designs that truly make a statement. The daring designs fulfills the fashion dream of the edgy fashionista and gives the courage of a fashionista that’s too scared to express themselves through fashion. 

Who would’ve thought the slogan, “Fu*k Him” would be great as a ring? 

This time around, Natalia has supplied us with the Cream Collection which some of the pieces are unisex…cool way to draw in the males for some super hot accessories.

Click to view glance over some pictures from the Cream Collection..

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Givenchy Nightingale Bag

Givenchy has given us fashionistas a classic bag. This bag goes with everything and the label offers a rainbow of colors and prints! Point.Blank.Period. aims to introduce you to a new bag pretty frequently so that you just are not pigeon-holed into just carrying the “IT” bag. So readers, I introduce you to the Nightingale bag by Givenchy.

This Iris Print Nightingale bag is part of the Spring/Summer 2012 Pre-collection and it is a work of art in itself. See more looks of this bag after the jump..

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Comme Des Garcons

What heart palpitates more in fashion other than Comme Des Garcons?? The cartoon-felt heart is something refreshing, especially in luxe casual wear. So simple, but yet it makes a statement. I’ve noticed women have been wearing alot of graphic tees and I’m glad you can find glam in a casual tee. It’s an effortless way of being fashionable and  Point.Blank.Period supports!!! 

Guys have been wearing it for quite some time now, but ladies its your turn. 

See styles after the jump…

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Hats Off!

More and more women are getting comfortable with wearing hats and there are so many hats to choose from that will add a little flair to the outfit that you plan on wearing. For the girls that like fitted hats to the ones who aren’t so sure how to pull it off, the selections we have featured, there’s a hat for pretty much anybody! Switch it up a little bit and go crazy with the hat to jazz up your outfit that may be very simple. A v-neck and some denim does just fine, but with a crazy hat is only going to supply more style! 

See more funky styled hats after the jump…

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SHOEGASM: Marc Jacobs

BACK UP LADIES!! This post is for the men!!! Yes, I dedicated this post to show the guys that shoegasms can happen to you just like it does for the ladies.

These Marc Jacob sneakers is kind of like a work of art. The whole vamp of the sneaker is beaded and surrounded by luxe suede.. Here is your alternative to switch it up and give your Christian Louboutin sneakers some rest. Its always good to change it up just a tad. Start here with this Marc Jacob luxury sneaker..

Up close pictures are provided after the jump.

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