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Show a Little Leg…

Maxi skirts and dresses are here to stay and it is a great piece that speaks femininity. The great thing is that the maxi length looks great on every shape and size and you can’t forget that they are very comfortable. Maxi skirts and dresses can be found anywhere but this season try turning it up a notch and find dresses and skirts with a split. It adds a little drama to the skirt! You can dress the skirt up or play the casual role with them.

See all the options you have..

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Versace Gold

Versace is one of the most renowned brands in fashion and its slowly bringing the heat back with its jewelry. Most of the pieces I’ve laid eyes on has that vintage feel and I’m loving it. A few celebs have been spotted rocking a gold Versace chain and I absolutely think its sort of refreshing, especially for men. It adds a little “finesse” and you can’t half step with the chain on.

Chris Brown was spotted in Miami rocking the chain. He also layered his Versace chain with a shorter gold necklace. Up against the white tee was 2 thumbs up for me – kind of like a B-boy style.

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Warm weather is near and everyone probably can’t wait to wear the season’s brightest colors. I am with the crowd as well, but I won’t be leaving out black and white, which I love no matter what season it is. A picture from, Angela Simmons, seems to love it as well. Many people forget about the black and white combo but it is one combo that never goes out of style – its classic, and is never OUT of season.

Wanna try black & white with great color??? Read more for great looks.

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PBP Muse: Cassie

Okay, so before I talk about Cassie’s style, I want to introduce to you a category that will be posted on Point.Blank.Period. alot. The “PBP Muse” is someone who embodies personal style and owns it. So when you see “PBP MUSE”, just know that its someone that is the definition of fly… Now back to Cassie.

Cassie was recently on 106 & Park smashing the game with these Marques Almeida jeans, part of the designer’s Spring 2012 collection. I cannot express how much I love this look!!! Everybody cannot wear this and she definitely did !!!


Let’s glance over some photos that showcases her style…

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Mirrored Gold

Some say metallics are making a strong comeback, but in my opinion they’ve never left. Gold has always been one of my favorite colors and I’m always drawn to anything gold especially when it comes to jewelry. Its one of those colors that no matter what it is, it looks great. I’ve noticed that designers have given gold a new twist and I’m not mad about it. Mirrored gold is flooding the shops and is a great addition to any wardrobe. It translates great from day to night and whether its a bag or a pair of shoes, its something you should add to your closet.


Khloe Kardashian opted for a smaller mirrored wide belt, while Angela Simmons went drastic at New York Fashion week in February.Not only is it cute for dresses, you could cinch a pair of shorts or trousers with these eye-catching belts.

Similar belts can be found at

“Wife Beater with the Denim..”

So warmer days are near and its time to hide those tights and pants and bring out the legs!! One thing for sure, denim shorts are back and this time they are turned up a notch. This season its so much to choose from! Have fun by buying a studded pair or try the tie-dyed shorts...yeah, I know tie-dye doesn’t sound too hot but trust me on this one.

Julia Sofia-Leopard

These Runway Dreamz shorts are perfection and range from $148-$200. Too expensive?? Read more for other options for this stylish look.

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Christian Louboutin’s 20th Anniversary Capsule Collection

Your favorite shoe designer’s favorite shoe designer, Christian Louboutin is releasing an exclusive collection in honor of the 20th anniversary of the “Red Bottom” shoe that all you ladies (and men) go crazy after. Despite the YSL vs. Louboutin red-soled war, he has managed to put together designs that represents art, individuality, and perfection. The French designer has 20 shoes and 6 handbags to celebrate his 20 years in the fashion industry, ranging from your feisty fringed peep-toe boots to a studded clutch.

The collection is set to be released in the UK in late February, and will hit other markets starting in March.

Let’s review some of my favorites from this collection…

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