Does Wearing Labels Make You a Fashionista?

The answer is no…absolutely not! In the world of Instagram, it seems as if that’s the speed of fashion – the more labels, the more style. Well, we are here to tell you that’s not the case. There are so many affordable garments, shoes, and accessories and you do not have to break the bank to look like a million bucks. 


Some of our favorite celebrities or people with fashion sense find a bargain anywhere they go and still manage to look fab. Some of our favorite stores carry the same exact pieces high fashion designers do and if that’s your price point, own it!!

This post we will show you some pieces that you can save money on and still look fab!

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Crop Top & Midi Skirt

Crop top and midi skirts are the hottest garments for the season and we want you to pair the two to make a masterpiece!



These pieces can be found almost anywhere and on almost every website for great prices. Even the most luxe designers are embracing it so why don’t you!!!

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PBP Muse: Nicole Richie

For some reason, for the last couple of months Nicole Richie has been catching our eye with her amazing looks!!! She’s starting to be seen more in the public eye for the last couple of months with appearances and red carpets and we are happy to see her back in the lime light. 

She’s always had a great sense of style! Nicole is the queen of boho chic in our opinion, but now its like Nicole 2.0!! She’s always been gorge with her warm eyes and her to “die for” skin tone. To see her on Instagram living life and looking happy and fab doing it, we’ve coined her as one of PBP’s Muses.

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Let’s take a look at Nicole’s looks recently..

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Over the Knee Boots….FOR THE SPRING!!

One of the cool things about fashion in current times is that fashion lovers don’t believe in garments or specific shoes being for certain season, climates, or occasions. WE LOVE IT!! Fashion has become so free-spirited and people aren’t really caring about what you are “supposed” to wear. For example, suede is only to be worn in the winter…Those rules are out of the window! 

This season many designers have been giving us drama in the shoe department, particularly the big wave of over the knee boots that are featured in Spring collections. Let’s take a long of some of our handpicked favorites and a look that you can pair with these..



Tony Bianco, an Aussie shoe designer, has blessed us with these that are shown above… Wanna see more? Get the point after this..

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Fashion Style Guide: Concert Season

Hi Readers!!!

It seems like winter has finally left us (thank God! We are appreciative of the fashion but it seemed like winter would never go away) and we are rolling into Spring season.

Spring season seems to call for great music and is usually marks the beginning of concert season. Since music and fashion goes hand in hand, let’s check out the Style Guide we have prepared for you for the season’s hottest concerts.


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Bang For Your Buck: Chloe Blouse

We like to give you style, but a reasonable priced style. Sometimes its not all about what the price tags say and so many brands are influential in what we see in some of our favorite stores.

The “It” silhouette of the season has to be the loose fitting wrap blouses..they look good with just about any bottom and gives that chic effortless feel to an ensemble.


Chloe’ supplied us with a wrap blouse for the Summer 2013 collection and we think its pretty fab. This blouse is so versatile – easy to pair with a midi skirt or even your favorite cargo pants.


You can save hundreds of dollars with what we have as our “Bang For Your Buck” selection after the jump…

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People are inquiring about Beyonce’s fierce outfit in her new spread in Shape Magazine – mainly her shoes. Well, of course you know we have all the info here. Get the point after this…

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Email Response: Springtime Leather

Hi Readers!!

We love when we get reader mail and even better when they want our honest opinion when it comes to fashion. So one of our readers wrote:


“I have been loving leather for the fall and winter this past season! I can’t stop buying leather pieces because everywhere I look there is a piece I have to add to my closet. Unfortunately, winter is going away soon but I don’t want to say goodbye to my leather pieces. Do you recommend leather for the spring/summer seasons. Please say yes!”


Well, yes.. The reader beat us to the punch because we were going to post spring time leather as one of the trends for the spring! So there you have it!

We would opt for you to go with more of a lightweight leather of course. Many of our favorite pieces are lightweight giving you a little movement.

Get the point after this about some ideal pieces for the spring and summer..

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Bang For Your Buck: Soiree’ Heel

Hi Readers!!!

So glad to have you here and this post will save you a couple of bucks…We promise! That’s all the reason to keep reading, right?

Even though the weather is saying the total opposite, we are ready for a little warm weather! Point.Blank.Period. is over the fur, insane coats and boots that we all die for. Yes, we appreciate what the fall and winter fashion has given us this season but its time for a little flow in a maxi dress and a cute pair of sandals to match. So, we’ve found a shoe that we know you will love – and for a low price as well!



Meet the Soiree’ shoe by designer Jeffrey Campbellwe will break down the greatness of this shoes and how you can get this same exact look for less right after the jump…

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The Oscars 2013 Red Carpet



We’ve let you guys recover from Fashion Weeks for the past couple of weeks and decided to cover one of the biggest awards shows on television! Its Oscars night!!


Point.Blank.Period. loves the glamour and the glitz that this night brings, always wondering how it feels to actually grace the carpet with wonderful gowns and jewels. This year was a disappointment for us, just because there was a famine of color! Our favorite stars relied on blacks, metallics, pastels, and pale tones. *sigh*



So working with what we’ve got, we’ve compiled our list of Best Dressed..take a look as you watch your television for tonight’s biggest fashion and acting moments!

See more stunning looks after the jump..

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